Free Jamaican Coloring Book, Caribbean coloring book, Jamaican coloring book

Learn About Jamaica's culture while you color way and have fun

All you want to know about Jamaica’s culture, dance, food, etc in one great color book!

Some of the amazing pages in the book

Jamaican Headwrap (Tie head)

Yellow-billed Amazon - Jamaican Parrot

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Each drawing has information above or below it that gives information or history of what the diagram drawing is about!

Print the pages when you, any time you want them (PDF).

Enjoy with family and friends.

A fun way to learn about Jamaica


What people are saying about this book

"My kids have leaned a lot about Jamaica from this book. I have not been to Jamaica in a while and wasn't able to take the kids there and this book was a good way for them to learn some interesting about the country."
Mother of two
"I was surprised to see a drawing of roasted bread in the book. It reminded of the good old days when I was growing up in Jamaica. It was a fun way to relive my memories while coloring."

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As a bonus, you will also get a free copy of this parrots word search book! 

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